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A Facebook Store is not the same as a Facebook App!
Simply displaying a copy of you website in Facebook is not real Social commerce


Here are just some of the ways that SalesCart's fundamental architectural shift will help you complete in todays world of ecommerce, better, cheaper, and easier by providing:

  • A True Facebook App.  SalesCart cloud is a true Facebook App, not a complex website located somewhere else on the internet, just linked over.  With SalesCart, shoppers will stay in Facebook the entire time of their experience till the very end.  This also means is you don't need SSL, and you don't need a separate website either if you don't want one.
  • The Lowest Price, Highest Value Solution.  SalesCart provides a 100% free solution to sell your products.  Not a 15 or 30 day trial !  A 100% free shopping cart for you to start selling your products and services and start banking sales immediately.  And our upper end solutions provide you the ability to take credit cards at rates well below PayPal and at monthly fees and rates below competitive accounts as well.
  • An architecture for multiple distribution channels, from social channels to community based channels. You don't need hosting, you don't see SSL and you remain PCI compliant.  You can embed your store virtually anywhere.
  • A way for you to sell on traditional website clients, and mobile clients.  You can even embed your store into an existing website in about 15 seconds or use a build-your-own Mobile App and embed the store there.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built-in to take advantage of Free marketing so people can find you online.  You don't need to be an expert in SEO to take advantage of free marketing via Search Engines.  SalesCart automatically grabs your product keywords, titles and descriptions to build its own "realtime" search engine optomization.  You change the keywords and the SEO is automatically updated instantly.  If however, you're an expert or want to customize your own SEO, you have the power to do that as well.
  • Scalability from small and online to large store online, mobile selling, as well as brick and mortar sales.  When its time to move up, you don't have to go looking for a merchant account, or looking for a gateway.  The SalesCart Cloud solution has the ability for you to take credit card sales at rates way below PayPal the instant you are ready to do that.  Also, when your sales grow beyond online sales to taking your business on the road or settling down in a brick and mortar shop, we have you covered there too.  All from the same application, all from the same merchant account, all from the same monthly costs, and with free card swiper included.
  • Optomization for advertising and marketing where you can advertise and marketing your store separately from the rest of your website  You don't need a website.  In fact, you can advertise your store on a business card.  Let us remind you that a webstore takes in income and a website is only a marketing vehicle.  For example, if you are a small restaurant, do you really need a website?  People probably mostly find you from word-of-mouth or local advertising and you can't really 'taste' a website.  The only thing you really need is the ability for people to preorder for takeout, or order for delivery so that you can take advantage of those sales and generate income.  In addition, you need to make it easy, often in social applications, because restaurant sales are many times spur of the moment/impulse decisions.  Many small restaurants and small businesses just have a social presence on Facebook that give them the capabilities of a website and really only need a way to take orders.  The problem with many restaurant websites is they don't have the capability to order food at all and instead they just have an out of date menu and pictures of out of date food.  To a small restaurant, a website like that only ends up being a cost with no real income benefit.
  • Provisioned for a multiple-sales strategy or franchisement right from the start   In many markets, individual franchisees or independent sales offices decide the best "sales and marketing" strategy for their local market or niche; eventhough, they may all be selling the same products or services.  With SalesCart, you can maintain the products, prices and sales engines while your franchisees, distributors, or sales people all maintain their own unique sales and marketing to target their particular customers.


Since 1997 when we created our first script-only based shopping cart, SalesCart has experienced and seen a lot of change in ecommerce.  When ecommerce begin in the middle 1990's, just about any company could create a product/service niche and exploit that niche on the Internet successfully.  For one, you didn't need to know much of anything about search engines, they just found you.  However, nowadays, you need to be an expert in just about everything, and be prepared for anything.  To compete, you must sell socially, you must be prepared for the commoditization of your own product and service, you must be an expert in search engine marketing, you must take advantage of online advertising and marketing, as well as traditional online advertising and marketing,  you must understand the risks that poor security or security threats could have on your business, you have to be prepared to exploit as many distribution channels as you can, you need to be aware of ready to create other possible sales channels that could distribute your product and have an estore mechanism to clone your store either for other sales channels and even future expansions including franchisement. Or, you must have an ecommerce solution like SalesCart that has all of these elements built in.  Many ecommerce solutions really don't understand how ecommerce has changed and the complications and inflexibility of their solutions just don't fit in todays fast paced and social world.  They are basically selling you the same ecommerce solution we were selling over 10 years ago.

For example, simply taking an existing website and linking or displaying it into Facebook is NOT suitable for social ecommerce.  It is NOT a real  Facebook Application based store and a Facebook user knows it.  Having a complex, convulted website just linked to Facebook is the opposite of friendly and personal (and social).  Todays world requires a more subtle selling approach and a direct one-on-one approach where you can be intimate with your customer.  That is why a plain old website linked into Facebook, and called a Facebook Store doesn't do well in social ecommerce.

  •  A Facebook customer can typically see you have just linked a standard website into Facebook.  This is too "in-your-face" for successful social ecommerce and feels more like spam to a social user.
  •  Worse, most Facebook "pretend" stores, will link your customer out to a separate website checkout right in the middle of the checkout process (assuming its PCI Compliant), and once a Facebook sees they have left Facebook, they will typically abandon your shopping cart. 
  •  Moreover, we all also know that a traditional complex navigation website doesn't display well on a mobile device either.  Having two separate websites one for mobile and for standard html is not responsive design.

In successful social ecommerce, Facebook already is your social website presence, it is how you should be communicating with your customers already.  You have to keep it simple.  The only thing your company needs is a subtle way, in keeping with Facebook, to simply take the customers order without overwhelming your customer with an overly complicated, over commercialized, non-personal shopping cart expierence, or worse, where they actually have to leave Facebook at some point during the process to finish. 

Commoditization of Ecommerce

SalesCart, right from the beginning, is setup not just for today, but it is fully provisioned for you to completely expand your product and service and to be fully prepared for the commoditization of your own product and service.  For one, it does that by giving you the lowest cost structure, so right out of the gate, your working ecommerce solution will be free, or lower cost ,and have the ability to instantly scale payment methods.  You will be able to move your store and sales into the mobile world, or even open a brick and mortar store and sell there too.  You will be able to expand into these areas with the absolute lowest cost structure instantly when you decide the time is right and without contacting anyone, redesigning, or reconfiguring.