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Credit Card Processing Included

Here are just a few of the advantages of a fundamentally-secure ecommerce solution with: 1) built-in credit card acceptance capability; 2) scaleability from small startup to full online and retail;  and, 3) built-in mobile and retail sales cabilities with just one account.


SalesCart is bunded with credit card processing capabilties built it to guarantee PCI savings to our merchants.  Most merchant accounts and gateways have a one size fits all mentality.   If we had just combined any old merchant and gateway with SalesCart, customers would get lumped in with the rest of the traditional shopping carts out there and our merchants would be charged monthly PCI fees and forced to pay monthly scanning fees.  In addition, the landscape of merchant accounts, payment gateways and processors is complex and can be expensive and overly time consuming to figure out.   Instead, SalesCart provides you built-in and scalable payment savings as your business grows and includes accepting credit cards right from the beginning with its ecommerce store.  The obvious next question is, am I paying a penalty for doing that?  Absolutely not.  The fees that SalesCart includes with the included merchant account are competitive if not lower than what most merchant accounts and gateways.  In fact, most merchant account provides charge the same monthly fees for JUST the merchant account, gateway and PCI fees, that SalesCart prices for everything.  And with out unlimited store, the merchant account fees are below the industry average for a stand alone merchant account with gateway.  An ordinary merchant account will likely have a $10 monthly support fee, a $10 monthly PCI fee, and a $20 monthly gateway fee.  Thats $40/month, and more than the SalesCart ecommerce store software ALONE, as well as the merchant account and gateway all bundled together. 

Hardware included

We don't stop there, SalesCart positions your company to grow whether you are coming from a brick and mortar store or eventually growing to a brick and mortar store later on.  Our unlimited package comes complete with a FREE mobile card swiper and mobile app to process credit cards on the fly, or, if you prefer, a FREE card swipe terminal for your brick and mortar store.  We also make this equipment available "at cost" for our lower cost popular plan.


With SalesCart, you don't have to host with us to ensure you stay PCI complaint like you do with most ecommerce software solutions.   However, if what you want is a complete plug-n-play total ecommerce solution, we can provide you web hosting too using for just $.16 per day.  Our hosting comes with all the standard features you need to create your website presence -- including EasySiteWizard that lets you build a website with just a few button clicks.