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Upgrading your Free Store?

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SalesCart: A Free WordPress Plug-in

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Step 1:   

Watch Getting Started Video (1.0mins.)
Add the Free WordPress plugin and create add a SalesCart store to any WordPress website in <2mins.

Youtube SalesCart Cloud Introduction  Watch WordPress Installation Video


Step 2:   


Install Free SalesCart WordPressPlugin
(Skip if you don't have WordPress)

Install SalesCart WordPress Plugin

Step 3:   

Register and Create a Demo Store

Create SalesCart Store

Step 4:   


Add Store to WordPress
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Add Store to WordPres

Step 5:   

Accessing the Control Panel

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Step 6:   

Control Panel Overview

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Step 7:   

Customize your Products or Services

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Step 8:   

Finalize PayPal to accept Orders

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Step 9:   

Reviewing your Orders

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FREE WordPress Ecommerce Store!
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  • NOT a limited trial - 100% FREE forever! (up to 10 products with PayPal). Lower Price!
  • Integrate your store into any WordPress website  in < 2 mins.
  • Works with Any WordPress Theme !  Instantly sell on Facebook, Pinterest, and Mobile for FREE as well.
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  • Take credit cards online, mobile, or retail for as low as 1.89%.
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